Here's the missing step to manifesting.


For years I've been devoted to learning ways to manifest a magical life. Now I'm taking bite-sized bits of that magic and putting them into loving little gift books. 

Through the honest eyes of our innocent animal friends, you will be guided to those understandings in a most amusing way.

Do you fully "get" the Law of Attraction? Well, if you've followed "The Secret" and similar books but desires are not manifesting, you may not be thinking in a Certain way. "The Certain way - huh?!"

The Secret Law of Attraction in a Nutshell gives you the key to making miracles manifest. It shows you the importance of taking your thoughts beyond affirmations and hope. It explains, with simplified science, WHY and HOW the process works. Think in a way that knows (is certain) it is already done. Feel - with no unCertain terms - that the event or thing already exists and for manifestation to occur you have only to watch for and follow the signs for its arrival.

The recipe is simple. 

Know your passion.

Live as though you already have it.

Relentlessly look for and follow the clues.

Love each moment - the process is half the fun.

Enjoy your rewards.

Live in Gratitude. 

Begin again.

In this series of books you will find delicious tidbits of truth. Enjoy them and share, imagine the feeling each page evokes.

Life is a game we play with who we really are...and who you really are has quite a sense of humor. These books bring on "happy"...and in the game of life, that's the edge you need.

Just imagine. 

"Imagination is the true magic carpet."

Norman Vincent Peale 

© 2016 pegi dahl