Two great new gift books.

Just as you'd expect, the gal who once brought you some of the country's cleverest tee shirts has turned her talents toward a different kind of press.  "People take life too seriously" says Dahl, "and that defeats the soul purpose!"  

For those who haven't had the opportunity to attend a Pegi
Dahl "Making Miracles" workshop, you'll be laughing, lightening up and lifting your spirits through her soon to be published "Hi! Consciousness" line of gift books.

The Have a Good Day Book promises to improve your day.  It's a book about gratitude. Vivid, full color photos of the funniest creatures out there - way out there - doing what animals do best, living in the moment.  "I adore these critters" quips Pegi, "they show emotions so visibly, right there on the outside, never holding in or holding back for more, happy to be living in the Now...gee, sounds like Eckhart Tolle on all fours."  

For all of those who've heard about "The Secret", read the book or saw the movie and still don't quite know how to explain it,   The a Nutshell is for you.  "It began as a bet I couldn't teach the basis of The Law of Attraction, covering all vital aspects, in five minutes or less," Pegi claims.  "I did it.  But it took nine months to figure out how.  First, I needed to test and make certain which aspects of the Law really could make miracles and manifest change, weed out the ones the self-help gurus stuff into their programs primarily for filler, then bring everything to its most simplest form and find the cutest creatures on earth to tell the story.  Don't skip a page, you might miss something."  No problem there, as this book is so clever and fun it's sure to be enjoyed time and time again.    

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